Saturday, April 2, 2011 Giveaway!

Nothing is better than a giveaway! The interviews are fun to read and the prizes are generally highly sought after.

My interview was up and I didn't even promote it on my own blog...but it seemed sort of pretentious to do that... Anyway, only two people attempted to tweet-to-win my Pacman headband. Thank you, Pauleen and Jessica.

That said, Vicki's contest is fabulous, her interview is great and contains lots of scrumptious kawaii photos, and her prize pack is full of goodies any Blythe hobbyist would want. Heck, I made a Twitter account finally just to have a better stab at it!

Check out the interview on Blythelife and visit Vicki's Shop. There is a discount code at the bottom of the interview!

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