Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cassie's Birthday Celebration!

I received Cassie on May 17th, 2010, so this year marked her 'first' birthday (Cassie is in her twenties though; she is NOT one!) I decided to have a birthday party for her. The girls and I had a good time decorating.

Cassie was pretty surprised! I was just surprised that none of them slipped and told her!

Cassie cut the cake and made a wish, and everyone enjoyed the party.

Fawn with a slice of cake!

All the girls brought gifts for Cassie. They are so sweet! I actually had a lot of fun making the little gift bags and presents. They are made from actual gift bags!

Happy Birthday to my first dolly, Cassie!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our First ButtonArcade!

Long have I been waiting...PMing, and deciding over getting a Button Arcade dress. For those who don't know, they are adorable Blythe dresses with felt pockets, created by a Blythe collector and crafster named Kyle.

From candy pockets, to holiday themes, to simple hearts and stars, Kyle makes the most amazingly themed dresses...and they are difficult to get! The commission list for dresses seems impossibly long, and every time a seller lists, "Designer names, ButtonArcade, etc" the BA dresses are almost always labeled "SOLD" by the time I get to them.

Borrowed this adorable photo from Sozzielou; Edna and the gang sporting cute BA!

What I like about BA dresses is that they are Blythe 'designer' without being impossibly priced. I think Bambina Carabina hats are adorable. I will not pay upward of 60.00 for them. I like Squeaky Monkey and Eurotrash fashions, but again, more money than I would willingly spend on clothes for MYSELF. No thanks.

I realized when I thought about getting one for Cassie, that it really doesn't fit Cassie's Indie-girl style at all. These cute dresses suit my beauty-queen Fawn much better. Naturally, when I saw a dress with little white deer silhouettes, I knew that I had to have it for her. I PMed the seller, and it was already pending payment from someone else. DRAT! The seller was wonderful and kept me posted when payment fell through, and I got the dress for Fawnyboo!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Luxie Lou Designs

I know I missed last Friday and haven't posted since. Blog will be resuming soon...I promise. I've just been working a lot.

This post is about Nikki of LuxieLou Designs. I first met her on Flickr via the 365Project. By the time I started Nikki was actually going through her SECOND 365 with Quinne's twin, Rylee. I always liked her photos and followed the girls' adventures.

Nikki has an etsy shop and recently did an interview with Michelle on The interview is a great read, and Nikki makes the cutest little Blythe sets and skirts.

To check out the interview, visit BlytheLife Also, take a look at Nikki's fashions, Luxie Lou Designs.