Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All I Want for Christmas...

Fancy custom dolls....no.

Fabulous stock dolls...no.

Designer duds...no.

Furnishings for my rooms...no.

Stock shoes...no. wait. maybe...

So then, wait, what DO I want for Christmas, Blythe-wise?

I want time.

Time to decorate my dollhouse for Christmas.

Time to sew for my girls.

Time to clean up the area around the dollhouse, and not feel crushed every time I look at the chaos.

Time to take photos, and really enjoy my girls.

Time for ALL of my dolls; not just Pocket and not just Blythe.

This year has been so difficult on me, time-wise. I spend so much of my week commuting to and from and working full time, and I haven't really done that in the last five or six years. I realize "everyone" does this, but it has been so miserable for me. I am constantly choosing between cleaning and spending time with my kiddo (who I now see a TON less of :( ) or playing dolls versus sleeping (guess which one always wins).

I hope that 2015 brings some positive changes for our family. We already have one big one coming; my husband got a promotion at work and begins his new position in January. That should give me some freedom to move to a new job that is closer to home and/or less hours OR completely stay at home. Staying home would be ideal if we add to our family this year. <3 p="">
As for my doll family, I will NOT be adding anyone else any time soon (aside from my lalaloopsy mini dolls...I can't say no to them!)   

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Noelle No-Show

Do you want a good ol' honest dolly confession? I have been STALKING TARGET intensely since the middle of November. For a doll. I watched all of the summer/Halloween stuff get cleared out, the beginnings of Christmas start to trickle in...I went EVERY DAY for weeks; sometimes to multiple Target locations...

All in hopes of finding Noelle Northpole, the new 2014 Christmas exclusive. I saw her photo pop up on the lala wiki back around early October, and have been so excited for her ever since. 

Not now. Now I am jaded, and sad. It's December 1, and the toy bins at Target are fully stocked, and there is still no sign of Noelle. 

I am starting to wonder if something happened that delayed her production or shipment, but there is no official word. The lalaloopsy facebook page announced her release and hasn't mentioned her since then...one commenter mentioned that they thought her release was canceled...I certainly hope not. It was disappointing last Christmas that they only released two silly red and white Lalaloopsy Ponies, rather than a special new Christmas girl (or boy). 

MGM/Lalaloopsy/Target: I WANT MY TOY. WAH!