Friday, October 29, 2010

Babies are NOT Dolls, and Dolls are not Babies.

This tends to get confusing, since many people say, "Oh, that baby is a little doll!" and the prevalence of "Doll babies" only adds to the confusion.

Why do I bring this up? Well, it's odd enough when you delve into a doll hobby at almost 25 years of age. I suppose it is worse when you are just into your second trimester with your first child when your doll hobby begins.

Is it nesting taking some strange, twisted course? Is it because you thought it was a boy and had to do something intensely girlie? Is it because you are grasping at your childhood as pregnancy is both the epitome of adulthood (I can MAKE children!) and winds up regressing you into childhood as you play with and interact with your children.

Either way, I freaking like dolls. Always have.

So for the duration of the pregnancy I grinned and took it when concerned friends/casual passers-by made comments about how I had better get over the doll thing and on with parenting. People who at least meant better would say things like "well, enjoy it now, because your priorities will change."

I had Riley on the 25th of October. In that time I had multiple people (people who are close to me even) make really asinine comments. The best is "Well you don't need Cassie to dress up anymore. You have a baby now." Other comments were similar...

For the most part, people assume that the Blythe hobby is to either take the place of or prepare me for the baby, and won't be necessary anymore. It's fine (but stupid) to assume that Riley can replace Cassie. It's worse that people insinute that Cassie was or could be a substitute for Riley.

Allow me to reiterate: Babies are not dolls...dolls are not babies.

My Blythe hobby is just that; a hobby. Cassie can be put on a shelf, left in a bag, wear the same outfit for the rest of her life, etc. She doesn't need anything. She is a doll. NOT A BABY. I get enjoyment from her. I try to remember (half the time forget) to photograph Cassie everyday for 365 Days of Blythe challenge and other flickr groups, and make her clothing, meet new people (yay TIB and Flickr!) design and create her doll house, etc. Blythe = Hobby and creative outlet and joy.

My daughter is a living, breathing, baby. She is the beautiful blending of me and the love of my life, my husband Glenn. She will grow and change and always keep me guessing. I change her when she spits up and/or pees on herself. I get to make her things and watch the world through her eyes as she learns and does new things. I photograph her everyday without even thinking about it. Riley = Life and Love at it's very, VERY best.

That is all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dolly Fashions

I have a new dolly sewing love!

After my success with the Simplicity pattern, I pulled out my Dolly Dolly Coordinate Recipe Book and whipped up a new pair of jeans for Cassie. It only took four previously failed attempts (one that was the completely wrong size, if you recall) to get it right!

I also used the t-shirt/long sleeved pattern that was in the book and some rib knits to make Cass some adorable tops. It has gotten so chilly out that I can't have the poor thing in sun dresses!

Here is the turquoise shirt...annnnd, some new headbands! I followed the tutorial that was on the TIB forum and they came out pretty well for my first batch! Four headbands for a dollar :)

Next up, I want to make either a jacket or a hoodie from the Dolly Dolly patterns. I am also attempting to organize all my teensy patterns so that they don't get lost/I don't have them floating around in my fabric box.

Since we are on the topic of fashions, I will end with this awesome ensemble I bought from Jokunda on Etsy. I had been eyeing them for sometime and finally caved over a month ago to get this for Cassie. The top is crocheted and the jumper is felted knit. I absolutely love this outfit!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Title? I have no Title. I'm Titless...erm, Title-less?

Wow, it's been awhile! I have been very busy getting ready for the baby, and trying to finish up a million and one other projects (that I won't have much time or energy for for at least a little bit!)

One thing that was majorly on the docket (dockit?) was the kitchen of Cassie's house. I had all of the pieces ready to go, had the tile, cut the sides, and then FINALLY we assembled!

I bought teensy craft mosaic tiles to do the tile backsplash, and I painted. The green is actually the green for Riley's room! We have a gallon of it and will not even come close to using all of it. Still left to do: Glue and grout the floor tile, paint and put up the window and wall trim (it's cut and ready) touch up the fridge, make some curtains...whew! Doll houses are almost as much as real houses (YEAH RIGHT!)

I also finally got around to making something from the Simplicity 2353 pattern for Blythe! I bought a quarter yard of this cute purple check fabric and made Cassie "Dress F" which is more coat-like, but still turned out cute.

Work has been off and on, but is generally a motivation for me. I get a lot more accomplished when I know that I have to be at work (or anywhere) at a certain time. It's like "You have this much time...GO!"

Several sisters asked for SAI letters (I think everyone wants them before the baby; I won't be driving down to the college with her in nasty November!) I had a lot of fun making letters for a newer sister, because she gave me some new fabrics. I looooove new fabrics! Also had some fun creating a totally new hoodie look. Typically I offer long and short sleeve Ts, over-the-head-hoodies, and totes. This time around I made a zip up hoodie with some extra goodies. Pics to come eventually. ;) I was so inspired that I FINALLY made some of my own letters, including a giant brown hoodie to wear in all this nasty weather we've been having lately!

I think I am more and more sure that I want Punkaholic People. I was thinking I would go with a cheap(er) doll and just customize her completely with black and purple mohair and such...but I really like PP, and I want a doll that I can enjoy right away. If I get PP and customize her little by little (add some highlights, but not a full reroot) I can still photograph her and take her around. I am so sad waiting for Hana to get finished (and whose fault is it that she isn't? Oops...)

We will see what my birthday brings this year. Maybe a new doll and a new baby. :)