Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big & Small

Giant syrup, meet mini syrup! We finally got the ice cream set from Mini Sweets. Soooo adorable!

Will be showing off more from this set, I am sure. :)

Reflections on 365 Days of Cassie Part 1

Cassie and I have come a long way since this first picture that we added to a flickr group called "365 Blythe." At first, I was worried about committing to this project, and thought that once Riley was born, I would fall off the wagon completely. I started anyway, and I'm glad I did!

As I got more comfortable taking Cassie's picture I brought her with me on outings, and let some of my friends and family see her. We went to the Poconos with my friend Lauren and she helped me pose Cassie in front of the fire.

I got my second Blythe, Hana, in July/August of last year. I started working on customizing her, including a reroot. Sadly, it still isn't finished, but here is a progress pic!

Every year Hubby and I go to the PA Renaissance Faire, and this year, Cassie came too. I sewed her outfit and took pics of her all over, in between little spurts of rain.

Naturally it wasn't long before all of my SAI sisters got the chance to meet Cassie. This was the September meeting. My best friend Kristi fell in love with Cassie...

Some of my photos were certainly more creative than others. This was taken well after I had removed Hana's old hair, but I still had it laying around when I got the idea for this photo. Poor Cassie would NEVER do anything like that, but at that point they were my only two dolls!

On October 25, my daughter Riley was born! One of my pics from before Riley was home from the hospital was the Cat and Cassie 'sensing a great disturbance in the force.' I got Yula, my third Blythe on my birthday, three days before Riley was born. Poor Yula didn't get much attention, but I did get to some of her custom work very late one night. It's still not finished...eek!

At first I found it really easy to juggle my hobbies and Riley. She slept a lot, and I got some custom work started on Yula (who arrived on my birthday, three days before Riley was born). I kept up with 365 and staged some cool Halloween pics.

Reaching photo 100 felt impressive, but there were still 265 pictures to go!

I met a lot of people through 365, including Kieny, who was also doing the challenge with a Cassiopeia Spice (Summer). Kieny and I decided to try a swap (my first!) and these were the beautiful knits that she sent me!

I finished my dollhouse kitchen in time for Christmas, and staged this photo. By eleven pm, I had all sorts of things to do, but the only thing that I felt I really WANTED to do was to make Cassie's Christmas apron and stage this photo. This was the first time I really had to say, "I'm going to do what I WANT to, and the housework can wait." Until Riley, I'd always had time to do it all.

Finally got to use this coat that I got for Cassie before she'd even arrived.

My fourth doll was a Christmas present from my mom. She got me Kylee, a Moofala custom that needed a bit of TLC (and a scalp re-attachment!). My four girls celebrated Christmas and brought in the new year together...

~to be continued!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fawn's Fawn

Fawn found this little friend for herself, and named her Jane Doe. (She is enamoured with puns)

I'm a bit surprised to see her playing with toys at her age, but that's the pot calling the kettle!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Big & Small

I don't actually know what set this is from, but it was one of my first Re-ment purchases. The iron has a case, and a small ironing board that came with it. I was just amazed at its likeness to my 'big-people' iron!

Just for fun, here's my favorite pic of the mini-iron in action!

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a Scorcher!

Fawn was astonished to see eggs literally cooking on the sidewalk!

We're in a heatwave right now, and the expected high for today? 102F, with a heat index of 115F.

Stay cool!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big & Small

Aside from really missing my goal of July 17th (I was exhausted and didn't plan ahead) I really am proud of this week's edition.

I played with Piknik for the first time ever on flickr, and tried to jazz up my photo a big. The big-and-small candidates this week are the Re-ment sunflowers from Grandma's European Kitchen, paired with some real-life sunflowers at the farm.

Next week's will be on time, I promise!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Big & Small

Inspired by Rosie Apples, Vicky and Parkin's fantastic blog, I wanted to do something with my Re-ment collection.

At first I thought of reviewing sets...but that is too similar to what Vicky already does with 'Teeny Tiny Tuesday.' An idea finally came to me yesterday when I received the complete "European Grandmother's Kitchen" series in the mail. While studying my tiny cheese grater (that looks intensely like IKEA's Idealisk one) I thought, what if I did a segment called 'Big and Small,' and showed bitty Re-ment pieces with their real-life counterparts?

Look for next week’s Big and Small edition on Sunday, July 17, right here on our blog!