Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hana Progress!

I was thinking about my doll collection the other day, after the addition of Autumn, and I realized that I am at seven dolls. The problem is that Cassie, Yula, Lilah, Fawn, and Autumn are all photographed and hang out primarily downstairs. Up in the dollhouse is where Kylee and Hana hang out. Why? Because they aren't my pretty, insta-happy-when-I-see-them-Blythes.

That sounds really mean, because it is. Hana has no hair, and her face up isn't finished. She has little to no wardrobe to speak of either. Kylee just has awful, awful hair. I have debated selling her, but I love her face. As I started thinking about buying her a wig or a scalp, hated the idea and thought, nah, I'll just do a reroot, I remembered that HANA still has an unfinished reroot. I was shocked at how close to done I am when I looked at it (it has been a long time since I last worked on it)

That night hubby was duty manager, so I put on a chick flick and set out to work on Hana's reroot. Here is how close to done I am now: Two rows left to go!!!

I was so excited by this that I combed out the hair a bit, removed my needle and plopped it on Hana's head (much as I have done from the beginning to see progress) What's amazing is, she almost (almost!) looks like I could just stop where I am and she would look perfectly beautiful. That was the part that excited me: She is beautiful. I was so worried that after all my work, the reroot would look wonky, or her faceup would be wrong, or just...something. Instead, I felt like I was in love with her the moment I saw her with her hair. <3

I really want to push myself to finish her by Christmas. It is a realistic goal, and that way she can be part of the girls' Christmas celebration. It's been a year and a few months since I started her reroot, so it will be nice to finally have it finished, and Hana-chan assembled again!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big & Small

It's baaaaaaaack!

Sorry for the brief hiatus (what a fun word!) with the big and small segment. I...have no real explanation, besides several Sundays slipped by without me even noticing. Oops.

This week's edition is mylar balloons! I bought a bunch of these for my daughter's first birthday, and thought about how cute it was that I have teeny Re-ment star and 'round shaped' mylars! The little blue one says 'Joy' on the reverse. They fit into the little box shown, and came with a birthday cake set.

Let's say I'll see you next Sunday. Maybe there will be a post before then, if I really get my act together this week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Falling for Autumn

The last post sets up this one...two new dolls in a matter of days. A BK member contacted me, knowing that I was after an Aztec Arrival Inspired BL, and well, after a quick phone call to hubby and a surprise okay, Autumn was paid for and on her way. I was surprised on Sunday to see that her tracking indicated she would be delivered on Monday! Squee!

So, on Monday I anxiously awaited the postman. It was gorgeous weather, so the babies and I were out on the front porch. I saw him coming, and I saw the large, flat rate Priority box poking out of his mail bag. He handed me my envelopes and then said the magic words, "Oh wait, you have a package too." He handed me the box, but then stood there, rooting through the bag. "Oh no," he muttered. "I don't have the sheet for you to sign." His English was actually not that good, and he kept ranting over and over about the pink sheet, and then he said it, "I can't leave it. I must take it until you sign the sheet." I thought I was going to cry right then and there, in front of him and the kids.

He offered to come back tomorrow. I wasn't going to be home. He offered to stop after work, at 5:30. I would be at work then. My husband could sign, he said. Disappointed, I brought the kids inside so as not to watch him walk away with my dollie. I hopped on the forums in hopes of getting in a short rant while the kids played, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Postman found a slip somewhere, thank god, and I got my big, beautiful box, with my big beautiful dollie inside. She was wrapped in tons and tons of tissue paper and rolled in fabric. I must have looked like some sort of sitcom, where I was tearing away layer of layer in anxiety to finally see my Azzie in person.

Her story: She has been owned by three different people, and well loved. Her right shoulder has a slight crack and her body is fairly loose. Her hair must have been washed at some point, because it feels greasy to the touch, like she wasn't rinsed well. I gave her a long rinse to see if it would help. It is better, but needs more.

I really like the nickname, Azzie, but I wasn't sure, so I gave her another A name. I think I will carry on the autumn theme with her the way I have with Fawn. Maybe it can be my "BL" thing. Haha. I need to get her somthing pretty to go on her pull string that is autumn themed, and then some clothes! It's hard to figure out this girl's style. I think it's pretty plain, mostly jeans and Ts kinda girl.

I hope to get back into doing my Big & Small segment and add a new feature. It has been hard to get any photos done as of late.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dolls, Dolls, and More Dolls

Some people are only happy when it rains...others when they are surrounded by kawaii dollies. Guess which one I am?

As some may know from creeping following my facebook statuses, my mom purchased an Usaggie for me for my birthday. By this, I mean that I trolled the forums, posted a WTB ad and finally had some takers. Days went by, then weeks, and suddenly I started panicking. Maybe the girl didn't send her. Maybe she is lost in the mail. Oh god! It turned out that between a sudden death in the family and TWO different usaggies for sale, she had shipped the one but not the other (MINE).

So today, my little Usaggie arrived.

I was surprised at how small and light she is, especially compared to a Blythe. Also, she is adorable. Name will be forthcoming.

In other news, with a new doll in the door less than 12 hours, there will be another big plastic person coming to join the Blythes...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

One day late. Sorry.