Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hana Progress!

I was thinking about my doll collection the other day, after the addition of Autumn, and I realized that I am at seven dolls. The problem is that Cassie, Yula, Lilah, Fawn, and Autumn are all photographed and hang out primarily downstairs. Up in the dollhouse is where Kylee and Hana hang out. Why? Because they aren't my pretty, insta-happy-when-I-see-them-Blythes.

That sounds really mean, because it is. Hana has no hair, and her face up isn't finished. She has little to no wardrobe to speak of either. Kylee just has awful, awful hair. I have debated selling her, but I love her face. As I started thinking about buying her a wig or a scalp, hated the idea and thought, nah, I'll just do a reroot, I remembered that HANA still has an unfinished reroot. I was shocked at how close to done I am when I looked at it (it has been a long time since I last worked on it)

That night hubby was duty manager, so I put on a chick flick and set out to work on Hana's reroot. Here is how close to done I am now: Two rows left to go!!!

I was so excited by this that I combed out the hair a bit, removed my needle and plopped it on Hana's head (much as I have done from the beginning to see progress) What's amazing is, she almost (almost!) looks like I could just stop where I am and she would look perfectly beautiful. That was the part that excited me: She is beautiful. I was so worried that after all my work, the reroot would look wonky, or her faceup would be wrong, or just...something. Instead, I felt like I was in love with her the moment I saw her with her hair. <3

I really want to push myself to finish her by Christmas. It is a realistic goal, and that way she can be part of the girls' Christmas celebration. It's been a year and a few months since I started her reroot, so it will be nice to finally have it finished, and Hana-chan assembled again!

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