Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dolls, Dolls, and More Dolls

Some people are only happy when it rains...others when they are surrounded by kawaii dollies. Guess which one I am?

As some may know from creeping following my facebook statuses, my mom purchased an Usaggie for me for my birthday. By this, I mean that I trolled the forums, posted a WTB ad and finally had some takers. Days went by, then weeks, and suddenly I started panicking. Maybe the girl didn't send her. Maybe she is lost in the mail. Oh god! It turned out that between a sudden death in the family and TWO different usaggies for sale, she had shipped the one but not the other (MINE).

So today, my little Usaggie arrived.

I was surprised at how small and light she is, especially compared to a Blythe. Also, she is adorable. Name will be forthcoming.

In other news, with a new doll in the door less than 12 hours, there will be another big plastic person coming to join the Blythes...

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