Saturday, May 29, 2010

I never put up my post about Cassie's new outfits...

The first one is sooo cute, and came from Spain. After paging through the Blythe forums forever, I finally decided to buy some "Doll Clothes and Sundries" for Cassie. I also got a Rement bag, a little jean bag, and a gold telephone (which will go in Cassie's house...when she gets a house)

The other dress I found on Etsy and I just couldn't resist! MimsyBueno makes these super cute wrap dresses that have a blanket stitch all along the edges. The comic book fabric grabbed me and after two days of deliberating I caved and bought it. This sweet dress made its way over from France! (Excuse the terrible photography)

I know I have been very behind on Blythe related fun. I completely missed the last photo challenge. It was to get a pic of your doll in uniform, in a public place, with a man in uniform. I was all set to make Cassie an IKEA shirt (which I meant to do anyway) and get a pic of her and one of my favorite co-workers, Barry. He'd even agreed to it, but I never got up the energy to make the shirt and then the deadline came and passed.

The next challenge is to take your doll away from her "One horse town" A great suggestion I received was to snap a pic of her with two horses! Haha. Glenn and I just got a kayak though, so I think if Cassie's sunglasses come today or tomorrow I will take her kayaking with us and submit that. Since we sort of live in the opposite of a one horse town...we go to one horse towns to get away!

Going back to the energy has been very difficult since I began this pregnancy. At first I was sick, and then tremendously tired, and now just up and down. Some days I have enough energy to clean or shop or bake, and others I sleep on and off the entire day. I think my crappy diet has a lot to do with it...sometimes I just can't get the ambition to make decent meals for myself and then it is all downhill. Days where Glenn is home with me in the morning or all day are much better. I am such a social being that I really cannot stand to be alone :(

Back to Blythe...I am planning some minor Cassie surgery. I want to swap out her two icky eye colors (Pink and Orange) and give her sleep eyes while I'm at it. This only requires two sets of chips and a pair of pull rings, so it won't break the budget.

I have also made a deal that I will not purchase another doll until my etsy shop is up and running and has made enough to pay for said new doll! I think I would love to have Punkaholic People next. She is so chic, and I would name her something like Maura or Mona. I am hooked on M names. The baby is likely going to be Madison. Naming dolls is MUCH easier!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Quick Cassie Update

...because it's been awhile. I was so proud of my Valley Forge pics, and I was VERY disappointed that they didn't make it into the flickr pool. The next challenge is a 'Where's Waldo/Blythe' so that should be pretty fun. I'm thinking of letting Cassie hang out in kitchens on Memorial Day when we are busy. ;)

Anyhoo, on Monday I got a lot of happy mail, and some not-so-happy-as-it-first-seemed. The long box was the Kitchen Littles fridge, and the other little box contained all of my rement goodies. The seller sent me a cute little note and stickers!

One of my little Rement items was supposed to be a clear plastic cake dome. It was one of about a million little baking things included in the lot. I got a message from the seller saying that she had dropped it when trying to pack it and it cracked. She felt bad, so she offered to include the Rement dress form instead! I was ecstatic because that is an item I was planning on purchasing anyways, and now I won't have to!

On to the disappointing part of this story. The super large box. I assumed it contained the kitchen, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me why it was SO huge. That big box for a Barbie Kitchen? The problem became apparent as soon as I opened it. The kitchen was very much NOT Barbie sized. Cassie barely comes up to the counter top.

It almost doesn't look too bad in this picture, but it is. Your countertop (unless you are five) should be a little above your mid section when standing. Cassie came up about eye level when she was right next to it and flat foot. From what I've seen of the other Barbie/Blythe kitchens, this was NOT the right size. Most Barbie things actually run a tad under scale, not over. I contemplated cutting off the toe kick and the panels above the base cabinet doors, but the doors themselves are just too far off scale for Cass. I finally contacted the seller and let her know how disappointed I was. She told me that I could return the item and she would refund my original payment plus the return postage. Off it went today, and I am back to the kitchen drawing board. I still like the Sindy kitchen, and could pick up pieces slowly but surely for that. Otherwise, Glenn thinks I should make my own. It would be interesting, but I doubt I could make functioning drawers and the like.

We shall see what today's mail brings. With any luck, some new dresses for Cassie.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cassie at Valley Forge/Second Blythe Challenge!

In my quest to do many things Blythe, I joined a Flickr group called "Blythe Physical Challenge." At first I thought it was about customizing Blythe, and I had no interest at all (I don't want to mess with my only doll!) but, when I read more about it I realized that the challenges were to take photos of Blythe in all different places. The first challenge, which I missed, was to take pics at the grocery store. The second one, which appeared to be current, was to find a local historic landmark. It seemed like a good idea on a Friday night with nothing to do, so I packed up Cassie and my dying camera and raced over to Valley Forge.

The thing about Valley Forge is that, I've never been there, despite the fact that I have always lived within thirty minutes to an hour of it. I have driven through on 23once or twice, but I have never visited the park or seen George Washington's Headquarters or anything like that. I began to realize as we drove around in search of worthy landmarks, that my Blythe doll hobby had reached a new level. It was getting me to do things and experience things that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Cassie at the National Memorial Arch, which was dedicated to the officers and soldiers of the Continental Army. The Arch was constructed between 1910-1917. We met some folk from Indiana. Seemed nice enough, until they gave me some anti-government pamphlet and told me every good American should read and familiarize themselves with the content...

We wound up exiting the park three separate times (on three different roads, I might add) before finally finding George Washington's Headquarters.

Headquarters was a newly constructed home that belonged to a man named Potts. Washington and the army paid Potts for the rental use of his home, as they did not believe in forcing civilians to quarter troops. The building was renovated last year. I like this shot of Cassie on one of the windows.

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to find a cannon. I wasn't even sure if they had cannon, or if I would be able to fit Cassie inside of one if I did find it, but that was my goal. On my exit route, I realized that the Washington Memorial Chapel had multiple cannon adorning the front. Why a church would have cannon is beyond me, but I was delighted. With what little battery power and sunlight I had left, I got my shots! (pun intended?)

Unfortunately I missed the deadline (by like an hour) to get a pic in the pool on Flickr, but I hope you all enjoyed the Valley Forge Cassie pictures!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures in Crafting Blythe Headgear

This post is a day late because I went out on a date! Glenn took me to Olive Garden, and I thought I wasn't hungry...but two bowls of salad, four breadsticks, half an entree and a portion of Lemon Creme Cake later, THEN I wasn't hungry. :) We finished really late but Glenn was adorable and still tried to see if AC Moore was open (I'm sad it wasn't; isn't often that hubby takes me to a craft store!)

Cassie and I waited all grueling day long for the mail, but still no vintage kitchen :( To pass the time I made her a beaded headband from Willy Nilly Waterlily's Tutorial. Her Loovee is sooo pretty! I think my headband came out pretty cute, though the next one will be a color that pops more against Cassie's hair.

I like this picture with the light source next to her. I tried to get the little lamp into some shots, but it didn't work. The little lamp is called Knubbig, and is from IKEA, of course. Glenn got it for me for my birthday one year because everytime I went in there I admired it (it wasn't very expensive, but I had no real reason to buy it.) Now, it is the handiest little light ever! We leave it on the bookcase in the living room and it provides just enough light for if you are coming home late at night. <3 Knubbig!

I also finally finished the slouch hat that I started for Cassie the night before. Unlike the little bear hats that are simple and quick to make, this was very time consuming. I was so worried it wouldn't fit (since all of the bear hats are small) but it does! Whew! I got the pattern from createloves.

I got work for the rest of the week, so we will see how ambitious I feel after eight energy sapping hours of school. -_-... I still haven't sewn the jeans I cut out, but I read online about how to fake surge with the zigzag stitch. I'm going to try that when I finally assemble them.

Tonight late I won Cassie some Rement items on ebay. They were in lots, but I got some cleaning supplies, an alarm clock, tons of kitchen stuff including the expresso machine, mixer, cookies, and sugar and flour containers. There are a lot of other odds and ends too. I was so worried about losing the baking items that I set my alarm to get up when it ended!

Rement Love <3

Still no kitchen today, and I am finally posting this. I took Cassie to school, but I forgot my camera, so no pictures of her. It's all for the better anyway, because she is wearing the same outfits all the time! I have to make her more! Off I go to sew til hubby gets home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Tuesday Bluesday

Today was ick. I did a ton of housework and then ran some errands. Cassie kept me company (though I was too chicken to bring her into any it was raining!)

I got a 3.5mm crochet hook to try this hat I want to make for her. Also picked out some cute yarn to make said hat out of...Purchased some Krylon Fusion plastic paint for when the kitchen gets here...and ordered a Dolly Doll Coordinate Recipe book to get some more patterns for doll clothes. Due to the dreary weather I nixed the trip to JoAnns for tshirt fabric. If I feel so ambitious after a second pair of jeans, I will just cut up one of my old ones.

I am already fighting off the urge to buy more dolls. *sigh* I like all of the expensive ones...Princess Milk Bisquit de Qpot, Le Jardin de Maman, Veronica Lace...I would also like a Punkaholic, though she doesn't seem to be too expensive at least. I also really want the new release, Kiss Me True. She has silvery hair and is dressed so chic!

Cassie met Cat and hung out with her for a bit while I did some overdue ironing.

While I did more chores, Cassie curled up with a cup of coffee and a book, and bid on a Kitchen Littles refrigerator for her new kitchen. Girl has the life!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cassie's Arrival!!!

So, I resisted the urge to post an emo/angry/super depressed post about how on Friday I waited and waited for mail before I had to leave to work. I got home after eleven and found to my dismay, Cassie HAD been there, but they wouldn't leave her because she was sent registered mail. Glenn pointed out that it's probably much better they *didn't* just leave her, as we were both out until late with work, and anyone could have come along and taken her!

I waited the agonizing weekend, because my post office is closed all weekend. Monday morning I got up, got hubby off to work, and raced to the post office. I live in a nice neighborhood in a relatively nice area of Norristown. My post office, does not.

I had to take two laps around the block before I could find parking (street + meter...ick) I raced inside to find...a line. It is the post office after all. The happiest sight of all was when a second employee opened a window and took me! The package she handed me was!

Cassie was very impressively packed. She was wrapped in pretty paper, bubble wrap, the shipper box, and then Cassie's box. I used my lovely IKEA box cutter to help free her. All of the tape and twisties and plastic inside of her box were such a pain! I didn't want to destroy the box, so I tried to be careful. I liberated Cass and her shoes, but left everything else to later.


It was so neat to pull her pull string for the first time. I'd actually never seen a Blythe other than in pictures and of course online. I had a rough idea of Blythe size and proportions based on patterns I'd seen, and knowing that they are semi-Barbie sized. A lot of Blythe lovers I follow have noted that the dolls are never quite what they expect, but in a good way. I think Cassie was exactly what I expected, and I am in love~! She is so cute and different as far as dolls go. As soon as I saw her I thought "I must get more!"

I of course stripped her before taking too many pics of her in her stock outfit, so that I could try on the things I made for her and the things I bought for her. The jeans I made fit okay, but they have construction issue, so I didn't want photographic evidence of that! The first dress I made was a bit small in the shoulders, but the second...the strawberry dress, fit! I must get her some tights to wear with it!

Unfortunately the bear hats that I planned to pop into my Etsy shop are a bit on the small side. They are just a tad short, so I can probably add to them so they will look right. I will post pictures once I fix them. I was pretty disappointed by that, but Cassie looked so cute in her new bunny necklace and hair pin that it cheered me up! She convinced me to post a ton of her pictures before work so that everyone could see her. Here she is helping me hook up the camera to the laptop!

Cassie gets to lounge around for the next eight hours and get used to her new home, while I go slave away as a kitchen planner. With any luck, HER kitchen will arrive today! I caved and bought the blue vintage one. I have a million painting plans for it so I can't wait! More from us later! <3 xoxo

Friday, May 14, 2010

Doll Kitchen or Bust...

I am more and more obsessed with the idea of a doll house. I don't even have Cassie yet! :( I must be crazy! Haha.

When I first looked on ebay, I found the perfect bathroom set and the elusive Kenmore Kitchen. I wound up losing both, but I didn't fight very hard for the bathroom. I've learned that this was a mistake, because I can't find the same one anywhere! :( I found the tub listed as a buy it now, and I am probably going to snag that, because it's inexpensive enough...but no signs of acceptable looking vanities or potties.

I have accepted that I will probably not be getting a Kenmore Kitchen. There are too few of them to go around, and the prices are far too high. The other kitchen set I sort of like (because the Mattel Barbie ones are borderline AWFUL) is the retro Sindy Doll set. It boasts a double wall oven, separate range, sink, and cupboard...

S/he who hesitates is lost...I found almost all of the pieces on ebay as buy it nows last night, and by this morning they were gone. I'm holding onto hope with an international listing I'm watching. My plan for the Sindy kitchen is to paint it up and make it look like an IKEA Abstrakt kitchen. I feel like it already looks like that (I'm a kitchen planner a huge kitchens geek) I have been thinking about the red, but I like this setup of the white that I found today...

It seems the worst part about most dollhouse kitchen furniture is a lack of wall cabinets. I have seen Sindy kitchens that have them, but I'm not sure if they were constructed or converted from base cabinets. I would need to lay hands on a decent number of cabinets either way.

I also stumbled over this one today...a vintage barbie piece that I could experiment with painting. I may swap out the fridge too... What do you think?

I think I need to get some doll house pieces going or I am going to lose it!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mail!

No...still no Cassie, but I did get happy mail today (FINALLY)

I bought some beautiful Blythe clothes from Blythe Love on Etsy.

I don't really know how to line them up nicely...but super cute coat with a removable fluffy collar...extremely well made, well stitched overalls, super cute black mary janes and a bunny necklace!!!! I can't wait to put them on my girl!

My other piece of happy mail was a set of Blythe post cards. They are really cute and they were pretty inexpensive on amazon. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is why I (edit, my doll) can't have nice things...

Sears My 1st Kenmore Kitchen for Barbie/11" Dolls EUC

Item condition: --
Ended: May 09, 201014:48:40 PDT
Bid history: 7 bids
Winning bid: US $102.50
Shipping: $10.94US Postal Service Parcel Post

....No Kenmore kitchen for my B-gal... :(

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dreaming of Doll Houses...

In my quest to find everything that is Blythe, I stumbled upon an article about housing Blythe. It seems that many collectors use book cases or similarly sized structures to house their dolls. That seemed logical and do-able.

What absolutely captivated me were the details. I hadn't even purchased my Blythe doll at that point, but the photos I found made me want to create my own house for her! WoollyRockers cute little kitchen had me from the moment I saw it...

...and the addiction only got worse when I stumbled upon Squeaky Towers. Blythe fashion designer Squeaky Monkey created an absolutely amazing, detailed, BEAUTFIUL Blythe home for her dolls...Check out the full set on Flickr...the photos are as beautiful as the house! There are many rooms, in progress and complete pictures, and best of all, lots of notes to help would be doll house makers!

Thanks to helpful Blythe collectors who leave notes (like Squeaky), share tips, etc, I finally figured out where all of the cute food and accessories were coming from...Re-ment. Re-ment is a Japanese miniature company. The sets usually come in mystery boxes, so you have a one in ten shot at getting any certain set. There are plenty of shops now that offer individual sets for around five dollars, so you don't have to play with Lady Luck. I spent a ton of time just looking at all the different Re-Ment sets and figuring out what everything was, what I might want, shipping, etc. One of my favorites is The Doll Peddlar They have a large selection!

The object of my obsession though, appears to be the kitchen. I don't know if it's due to my new job as a Kitchen Planner at IKEA, or because I love food, or because my own kitchen is a mess...but I want my doll to have an amazing kitchen. The set that Squeaky used and the popular favorite amongst the B-gals is the "My First Kenmore Kitchen Play Set" that was produced by Sears. The appliances look so clean and realistic, everything opens, and the wall cabinets really give it a complete look. I am on my quest to find and purchase one!

So, my insanity ensues. I spent a decent amount of money on a doll, and now plan to spend even more to make her a house that is nicer than my own! Haha. I am waiting on a few ebay purchases, and then we may get construction under way! I almost dropped dead when my husband told me that yes, it was a good idea to get the furniture FIRST! Hopefully this weekend I can land my dream pieces and start working on it!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

24/F/Married; Seeks Dollie Companion...

I am twenty-four years old, married, and expecting our first child at the end of October. You can probably imagine my husband's surprise when I told him that I wanted a doll. No, no, not just ANY doll...I had to have a Blythe Doll.

I first met Blythe via WillyNillyWaterlily. I read every post she had written about amigurumi, and I started to see this wide-eyed, creepy looking doll she called Loovee. I didn't really know what to make of this entity. I looked into Blythe and saw that the dolls are really expensive. That sealed it for me; no way, no how, did I want anything to do with that creepy, pricey doll.

Blythe continued to pop up along my web travels. I didn't think much about her, until one day, I began looking at the different doll models. As soon as I caught sight of Cassiopeia Spice and read her 'history,' I had to have her.

Isn't she super cute? (It's okay if you don't think'll hit you in a year that you love her!)

I grappled with the thought of spending $100 on a doll, and I consulted the hubby for help. He was extremely NOT helpful. He kept telling me to do what I wanted to do...what I thought was best. Well...I didn't think it was a great idea to spend money on a doll...but I couldn't get her off my mind. She was all I thought finally, after some convincing from my co-workers (who are awesome) I ordered Cassie.

The bad news...she is coming from Hong Kong. I knew it would be a long wait...but I figured it wouldn't be too bad. The seller said she ships within three days. So I sent her a message to see if Cassiopeia had shipped...and it is Golden Week. :( I paid on Sunday night...she won't ship until Friday. I probably won't even receive her next week.

So in the mean time...I might have to start making some dollie stuffs. :)