Friday, May 7, 2010

Dreaming of Doll Houses...

In my quest to find everything that is Blythe, I stumbled upon an article about housing Blythe. It seems that many collectors use book cases or similarly sized structures to house their dolls. That seemed logical and do-able.

What absolutely captivated me were the details. I hadn't even purchased my Blythe doll at that point, but the photos I found made me want to create my own house for her! WoollyRockers cute little kitchen had me from the moment I saw it...

...and the addiction only got worse when I stumbled upon Squeaky Towers. Blythe fashion designer Squeaky Monkey created an absolutely amazing, detailed, BEAUTFIUL Blythe home for her dolls...Check out the full set on Flickr...the photos are as beautiful as the house! There are many rooms, in progress and complete pictures, and best of all, lots of notes to help would be doll house makers!

Thanks to helpful Blythe collectors who leave notes (like Squeaky), share tips, etc, I finally figured out where all of the cute food and accessories were coming from...Re-ment. Re-ment is a Japanese miniature company. The sets usually come in mystery boxes, so you have a one in ten shot at getting any certain set. There are plenty of shops now that offer individual sets for around five dollars, so you don't have to play with Lady Luck. I spent a ton of time just looking at all the different Re-Ment sets and figuring out what everything was, what I might want, shipping, etc. One of my favorites is The Doll Peddlar They have a large selection!

The object of my obsession though, appears to be the kitchen. I don't know if it's due to my new job as a Kitchen Planner at IKEA, or because I love food, or because my own kitchen is a mess...but I want my doll to have an amazing kitchen. The set that Squeaky used and the popular favorite amongst the B-gals is the "My First Kenmore Kitchen Play Set" that was produced by Sears. The appliances look so clean and realistic, everything opens, and the wall cabinets really give it a complete look. I am on my quest to find and purchase one!

So, my insanity ensues. I spent a decent amount of money on a doll, and now plan to spend even more to make her a house that is nicer than my own! Haha. I am waiting on a few ebay purchases, and then we may get construction under way! I almost dropped dead when my husband told me that yes, it was a good idea to get the furniture FIRST! Hopefully this weekend I can land my dream pieces and start working on it!

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  1. I totally can see your obsession with the kitchen.
    I really want to make a kitchen for my girls. When I went to Japan I bought a ridiculous amount of Re-ment. Naturally now, I have to make a kitchen for my girls. There is something about a kitchen...I bought a stove and a table so far.