Saturday, May 29, 2010

I never put up my post about Cassie's new outfits...

The first one is sooo cute, and came from Spain. After paging through the Blythe forums forever, I finally decided to buy some "Doll Clothes and Sundries" for Cassie. I also got a Rement bag, a little jean bag, and a gold telephone (which will go in Cassie's house...when she gets a house)

The other dress I found on Etsy and I just couldn't resist! MimsyBueno makes these super cute wrap dresses that have a blanket stitch all along the edges. The comic book fabric grabbed me and after two days of deliberating I caved and bought it. This sweet dress made its way over from France! (Excuse the terrible photography)

I know I have been very behind on Blythe related fun. I completely missed the last photo challenge. It was to get a pic of your doll in uniform, in a public place, with a man in uniform. I was all set to make Cassie an IKEA shirt (which I meant to do anyway) and get a pic of her and one of my favorite co-workers, Barry. He'd even agreed to it, but I never got up the energy to make the shirt and then the deadline came and passed.

The next challenge is to take your doll away from her "One horse town" A great suggestion I received was to snap a pic of her with two horses! Haha. Glenn and I just got a kayak though, so I think if Cassie's sunglasses come today or tomorrow I will take her kayaking with us and submit that. Since we sort of live in the opposite of a one horse town...we go to one horse towns to get away!

Going back to the energy has been very difficult since I began this pregnancy. At first I was sick, and then tremendously tired, and now just up and down. Some days I have enough energy to clean or shop or bake, and others I sleep on and off the entire day. I think my crappy diet has a lot to do with it...sometimes I just can't get the ambition to make decent meals for myself and then it is all downhill. Days where Glenn is home with me in the morning or all day are much better. I am such a social being that I really cannot stand to be alone :(

Back to Blythe...I am planning some minor Cassie surgery. I want to swap out her two icky eye colors (Pink and Orange) and give her sleep eyes while I'm at it. This only requires two sets of chips and a pair of pull rings, so it won't break the budget.

I have also made a deal that I will not purchase another doll until my etsy shop is up and running and has made enough to pay for said new doll! I think I would love to have Punkaholic People next. She is so chic, and I would name her something like Maura or Mona. I am hooked on M names. The baby is likely going to be Madison. Naming dolls is MUCH easier!

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