Friday, May 14, 2010

Doll Kitchen or Bust...

I am more and more obsessed with the idea of a doll house. I don't even have Cassie yet! :( I must be crazy! Haha.

When I first looked on ebay, I found the perfect bathroom set and the elusive Kenmore Kitchen. I wound up losing both, but I didn't fight very hard for the bathroom. I've learned that this was a mistake, because I can't find the same one anywhere! :( I found the tub listed as a buy it now, and I am probably going to snag that, because it's inexpensive enough...but no signs of acceptable looking vanities or potties.

I have accepted that I will probably not be getting a Kenmore Kitchen. There are too few of them to go around, and the prices are far too high. The other kitchen set I sort of like (because the Mattel Barbie ones are borderline AWFUL) is the retro Sindy Doll set. It boasts a double wall oven, separate range, sink, and cupboard...

S/he who hesitates is lost...I found almost all of the pieces on ebay as buy it nows last night, and by this morning they were gone. I'm holding onto hope with an international listing I'm watching. My plan for the Sindy kitchen is to paint it up and make it look like an IKEA Abstrakt kitchen. I feel like it already looks like that (I'm a kitchen planner a huge kitchens geek) I have been thinking about the red, but I like this setup of the white that I found today...

It seems the worst part about most dollhouse kitchen furniture is a lack of wall cabinets. I have seen Sindy kitchens that have them, but I'm not sure if they were constructed or converted from base cabinets. I would need to lay hands on a decent number of cabinets either way.

I also stumbled over this one today...a vintage barbie piece that I could experiment with painting. I may swap out the fridge too... What do you think?

I think I need to get some doll house pieces going or I am going to lose it!

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