Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Quick Cassie Update

...because it's been awhile. I was so proud of my Valley Forge pics, and I was VERY disappointed that they didn't make it into the flickr pool. The next challenge is a 'Where's Waldo/Blythe' so that should be pretty fun. I'm thinking of letting Cassie hang out in kitchens on Memorial Day when we are busy. ;)

Anyhoo, on Monday I got a lot of happy mail, and some not-so-happy-as-it-first-seemed. The long box was the Kitchen Littles fridge, and the other little box contained all of my rement goodies. The seller sent me a cute little note and stickers!

One of my little Rement items was supposed to be a clear plastic cake dome. It was one of about a million little baking things included in the lot. I got a message from the seller saying that she had dropped it when trying to pack it and it cracked. She felt bad, so she offered to include the Rement dress form instead! I was ecstatic because that is an item I was planning on purchasing anyways, and now I won't have to!

On to the disappointing part of this story. The super large box. I assumed it contained the kitchen, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me why it was SO huge. That big box for a Barbie Kitchen? The problem became apparent as soon as I opened it. The kitchen was very much NOT Barbie sized. Cassie barely comes up to the counter top.

It almost doesn't look too bad in this picture, but it is. Your countertop (unless you are five) should be a little above your mid section when standing. Cassie came up about eye level when she was right next to it and flat foot. From what I've seen of the other Barbie/Blythe kitchens, this was NOT the right size. Most Barbie things actually run a tad under scale, not over. I contemplated cutting off the toe kick and the panels above the base cabinet doors, but the doors themselves are just too far off scale for Cass. I finally contacted the seller and let her know how disappointed I was. She told me that I could return the item and she would refund my original payment plus the return postage. Off it went today, and I am back to the kitchen drawing board. I still like the Sindy kitchen, and could pick up pieces slowly but surely for that. Otherwise, Glenn thinks I should make my own. It would be interesting, but I doubt I could make functioning drawers and the like.

We shall see what today's mail brings. With any luck, some new dresses for Cassie.

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