Friday, June 24, 2011

Roadtrip Edition: Erie, PA

Cassie and Fawn were selected to come with me and fam to Erie. Cassie was a natural choice, since she is my 365 girl, and we are nearing the end. I didn't want to fall behind! just fun.

The girls packed *ahem* a few things, and got geared up to go!

Mid trip my sweet little Fawn found a caterpillar friend!

We made it to Erie safely, and the next day ventured to my FAVORITE coffee place EVER...Tim Hortons! They are a Canadian chain that completely trumps DD, Wawa, and Starbucks. They have good, inexpensive coffee and kickin' pastries. The girls are now hooked too.

On our anniversary, Hubby and I went kayaking. I brought Cassie out so that we could do our 365 photo by the Perry Monument. We visited this the first time I went to Erie. This time, we paddled out from the lagoon to the bay. It was interesting to see it from the water.

A few times while we were there we also visited my favorite department store. Kraus Department Store has been in business since 1886. It's family run, and their service is phenomenal.

We went for plumbing issues and had a good chat with their plumber, who was beyond knowledgeable. He looked at pieces of my MIL's faucets and knew what brand they were and how to fix them. We also picked up a ceiling fan for my daughter, and contemplated buying her a Radio Flyer balance bike.

Balance bikes are so cute and cool. They teach children to balance on two wheels from an early age, rather than going the training wheels route.

Even though I had work Friday and we didn't leave Erie until about 2:30 pm Thursday, we stopped at the outlets in Grove City. I had a good time...found a book for me, board books and clothes for the baby, and a new pair of comfy, supportive shoes for work. We got in really late; 3am, eeek! My registered mail slip was waiting for me, so I was pretty excited for....MY FUTURE LOVERS GOGGLES! Except...I couldn't retrieve them because of work. Hubby went for me though, and I got to them when I got home from work :)

They aren't for Cassie, though. They are for Hana, whose hairs are almost finished. I need to seal her face and fix her lashes so that when her reroot is [FINALLY] done, she can be assembled and loved. She is going to be a hard core favorite when she is finished.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Longwood Gardens Blythe Meet

This past weekend we held a Blythe Meet at Longwood Gardens, which is located in southeastern Pennsylvania. We expected a rather large turnout based on RSVPs, and all said and done, there were six of us and fifteen of our girls!

We started off in the cafe, eating and getting to know one another. It was really cool to have all the girls out and about. I was there with my bestie, LibraryChica. We also had MandyRn, a newer collector, Queenbee, who brought Kenner (eek!) StrwbrryStar and her friend Amy. SS had a gorgeous little custom named Sparkle, as well as a Goldie!

I was so happy to meet Queenbee's gorgeous Kenner, Mia. Her skin, hair, and eyes...everything about her was so very different than all of the Neos. She was just so light and delicate. The dress that QB made her suited her soooo well!

Mandy's girl Alexa was another Punkaholic People, so it was fun to photograph her with Yula. Here they are together:

After the cafe we headed over to the Italian Water Gardens; aka the perfect photo location! Here is my gorgeous little Fawn walking by the lake.

While we were lining all of the girls in front of the gardens, lots of people stopped us to ask about them and photograph them. It was funny, because I had read about this happening via the forum, but it was the first time I'd been to a meet and managed to attract that much attention! There was a whole family who posed with them and told us they were taking the photos back to India to show everyone! Another womanj took a picture of her two-year-old with the girls. Too funny.

And here are ALL of us girls, Riles included!

Everyone had a good time and I think that now that we all know one another it will be that much nicer to have another meet. I'm hoping we draw even more people to come out, and eventually can host regular events, and have planned swaps/giveaways, etc. Here's to the future of the Tri-State-Area Blythe Meet!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Failed to Introduce...

The beautiful Lilah!

I adopted her from DeeBear and she made her way down from Canadia; arrived on May 13 (a Friday the thirteenth!) so her birthday is right before Cassie's (May 17). I was happy she made it in time for Cassie's party...she even got Cass a gift!

Lilah is an EBL Tea for Two...working toward my goal of one of every face mold (because I am Noah, and I WILL have an ark of Blythes) The only dollies missing are an SBL and a Kenner (ha!)

Anyway, back to my new beauty. I had the moment upon opening her just like with Fawn. Oh no. What did I do? There's nothing special about her. She looks pretty ordinary. I won't bond with her. Maybe I can sell her? I've never sold a doll...

Within five minutes and an outfit change (she arrived nude) I was smitten. This girl is just so beautiful, like Fawn and Cassie. I don't feel that way about Kylee or Yula. When Hana is assembled, I'm obsessed with her beauty too. Wonder what that means? Lilah has the most EPIC amount of hair. It's so long and heavy that it weighs her backward. Lilah is a free spirit. She is truly gorgeous, and an excellent addition to the dollie fam.

Since Hubs has a (silly) name for each one, poor Lilah is referred to as "Chupacabra" because I wanted an Aztec...and he somehow got Chupacabra from THAT, and despite the fact that Lilah is NOT an Azzie, she still gets the name. Haha

Friday, June 3, 2011

It Must be Summer

It's already been so hot here that we headed to my parents' pool and when hubby was off we went to the lake/public pool. Cassie loves the sun!