Thursday, June 9, 2011

Failed to Introduce...

The beautiful Lilah!

I adopted her from DeeBear and she made her way down from Canadia; arrived on May 13 (a Friday the thirteenth!) so her birthday is right before Cassie's (May 17). I was happy she made it in time for Cassie's party...she even got Cass a gift!

Lilah is an EBL Tea for Two...working toward my goal of one of every face mold (because I am Noah, and I WILL have an ark of Blythes) The only dollies missing are an SBL and a Kenner (ha!)

Anyway, back to my new beauty. I had the moment upon opening her just like with Fawn. Oh no. What did I do? There's nothing special about her. She looks pretty ordinary. I won't bond with her. Maybe I can sell her? I've never sold a doll...

Within five minutes and an outfit change (she arrived nude) I was smitten. This girl is just so beautiful, like Fawn and Cassie. I don't feel that way about Kylee or Yula. When Hana is assembled, I'm obsessed with her beauty too. Wonder what that means? Lilah has the most EPIC amount of hair. It's so long and heavy that it weighs her backward. Lilah is a free spirit. She is truly gorgeous, and an excellent addition to the dollie fam.

Since Hubs has a (silly) name for each one, poor Lilah is referred to as "Chupacabra" because I wanted an Aztec...and he somehow got Chupacabra from THAT, and despite the fact that Lilah is NOT an Azzie, she still gets the name. Haha


  1. Congrats, she's beautiful! My first ever Blythe was an EBL T42 back in 2004! I no longer own her but T42 is sti,, the prettiest girl in my eyes ^-^

  2. She is lovely! I've always thought T42 has very similar looking make-up to Aztec and her hair colour doesn't seem to far off either. Maybe you will get an Aztec in the future and they can be sisters!