Friday, June 24, 2011

Roadtrip Edition: Erie, PA

Cassie and Fawn were selected to come with me and fam to Erie. Cassie was a natural choice, since she is my 365 girl, and we are nearing the end. I didn't want to fall behind! just fun.

The girls packed *ahem* a few things, and got geared up to go!

Mid trip my sweet little Fawn found a caterpillar friend!

We made it to Erie safely, and the next day ventured to my FAVORITE coffee place EVER...Tim Hortons! They are a Canadian chain that completely trumps DD, Wawa, and Starbucks. They have good, inexpensive coffee and kickin' pastries. The girls are now hooked too.

On our anniversary, Hubby and I went kayaking. I brought Cassie out so that we could do our 365 photo by the Perry Monument. We visited this the first time I went to Erie. This time, we paddled out from the lagoon to the bay. It was interesting to see it from the water.

A few times while we were there we also visited my favorite department store. Kraus Department Store has been in business since 1886. It's family run, and their service is phenomenal.

We went for plumbing issues and had a good chat with their plumber, who was beyond knowledgeable. He looked at pieces of my MIL's faucets and knew what brand they were and how to fix them. We also picked up a ceiling fan for my daughter, and contemplated buying her a Radio Flyer balance bike.

Balance bikes are so cute and cool. They teach children to balance on two wheels from an early age, rather than going the training wheels route.

Even though I had work Friday and we didn't leave Erie until about 2:30 pm Thursday, we stopped at the outlets in Grove City. I had a good time...found a book for me, board books and clothes for the baby, and a new pair of comfy, supportive shoes for work. We got in really late; 3am, eeek! My registered mail slip was waiting for me, so I was pretty excited for....MY FUTURE LOVERS GOGGLES! Except...I couldn't retrieve them because of work. Hubby went for me though, and I got to them when I got home from work :)

They aren't for Cassie, though. They are for Hana, whose hairs are almost finished. I need to seal her face and fix her lashes so that when her reroot is [FINALLY] done, she can be assembled and loved. She is going to be a hard core favorite when she is finished.

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