Friday, June 17, 2011

Longwood Gardens Blythe Meet

This past weekend we held a Blythe Meet at Longwood Gardens, which is located in southeastern Pennsylvania. We expected a rather large turnout based on RSVPs, and all said and done, there were six of us and fifteen of our girls!

We started off in the cafe, eating and getting to know one another. It was really cool to have all the girls out and about. I was there with my bestie, LibraryChica. We also had MandyRn, a newer collector, Queenbee, who brought Kenner (eek!) StrwbrryStar and her friend Amy. SS had a gorgeous little custom named Sparkle, as well as a Goldie!

I was so happy to meet Queenbee's gorgeous Kenner, Mia. Her skin, hair, and eyes...everything about her was so very different than all of the Neos. She was just so light and delicate. The dress that QB made her suited her soooo well!

Mandy's girl Alexa was another Punkaholic People, so it was fun to photograph her with Yula. Here they are together:

After the cafe we headed over to the Italian Water Gardens; aka the perfect photo location! Here is my gorgeous little Fawn walking by the lake.

While we were lining all of the girls in front of the gardens, lots of people stopped us to ask about them and photograph them. It was funny, because I had read about this happening via the forum, but it was the first time I'd been to a meet and managed to attract that much attention! There was a whole family who posed with them and told us they were taking the photos back to India to show everyone! Another womanj took a picture of her two-year-old with the girls. Too funny.

And here are ALL of us girls, Riles included!

Everyone had a good time and I think that now that we all know one another it will be that much nicer to have another meet. I'm hoping we draw even more people to come out, and eventually can host regular events, and have planned swaps/giveaways, etc. Here's to the future of the Tri-State-Area Blythe Meet!

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