Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Five

To some, it's five Blythes girlies, wow! To others, ONLY five? There will be more!

For now, while there are five B-gals in total, I will feature my beautiful muses in the Friday Five :)

1. Cassiopeia (Cassie) a Cassiopeia Spice

Cassie was the one who started it all. She arrived in May 2010 and I fell in love with her beauty. The girl has PERFECT hair. At first I don't think I knew what to make of her, but she goes everywhere with me. Cassie is pretty quiet and reserved, so sometimes when I can't hear her voice, it's because she is being silent.

2. Hana, a custom ADG

Hana was meant to be my experiment. That sounds awful, but not knowing anything about customizing a Blythe, I wanted to try it all, and I picked up Hana cheap enough to try it. I cut her awful stock hair immediately after cleaning her, and took a few pictures of her 'as is.' Then took her a part, sanded her face, drilled out her eye chips, and ripped out her hair. Sounds brutal, doesn't it?! It was worth it, because I think she looks a million times better. Somewhere along the way I decided to paint her lids, then after falling in love with the lid work of aforementioned customizers, decided to detail them with little stars. Her reroot is almost finished!

3. Yula, a Punkaholic People

Yula was replacement doll therapy. There was a purple highlighted custom Ebony that I wanted in the worst way, and when I didn't win her, I was devastated. I had her name picked out and everything. Yula was meant to serve as this doll, with light custom work to achieve it (I felt more comfortable after working on Hana) I received Yula on my birthday; October 22. Three days later, I had my daughter! Poor Yula has had her chips swapped, and lips painted, but her highlight saran was the wrong shade. Now that I have decent pastels, I should redo her makeup and really go to town on her wardrobe to help her image: Punk Rockstar!

4. Kylee, a Moofala1 Custom ADG

Kylee was my Christmas girl. You know how when you're poor, you want so many things, so badly and you can't have them? And then you get some money and nothing appeals to you? Kylee was the only dollie that appealed to me around Christmas. I wanted a PDLondon, but she was too expensive to be a gift from one person. I found Kylee at a really reduced rate because her scalp was not attached. Her hair was not in the best condition, either, but her face spoke to me. Kylee came home on Christmas and got a hair treatment and her scalp glued down. We have played bang-therapy ever since. I will probably do a reroot on a spare scalp and swap her when it is finished. Kylee is a little sweetie, and gets along with Cassie very well.

5. Fawn, a BEAUTIFUL Mondrian BL!

Fawn is the only girl that isn't an RBL or an ADG. She was a whim and a fancy, and she became real. I could not be more thrilled with this girl. I posted her story a few days ago. Her name came to us rather quickly, and she has been fitting in well with the rest of the clan. She and Cassie are the favorites by far. Personality, Fawn is a sweetie who loves to have fun. We're still getting to know her.

And those are all of my girls!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Can't Get...

Petite Blythes off my mind.

I never cared much for them at all...but the bug to have one has bitten. I want to make the itsy bitsy little clothes in my pattern books. Also, when Riley is of doll-playin' age, she will have petites and a little doll house of her own. This would be good...erm, practice!

I may have to pick up one of the cheapie LPS ones just to try...

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Friday Five

I have already missed a week. I'm barely making this Friday's deadline. Perhaps a regular column idea wasn't the best.

Right now I am hooked on customizers and these are five that I would someday love to own a custom doll from.

1. Obvious Zebra

Photo Belongs to Zebra!

Her girls are so vibrant and beautiful, and I love the lids she does!

2. Frankie Darling

Camillaeatfiftyeggs' Photo! I want this girl!!!

Again, gorgeous lips, lid work, and just really impressive work on all the girls. I am pining for one of Frankie's girls that Camillaeatfiftyeggs is selling.

3. Melly Kay

Photo Belongs to Melly!

Melly Kay's girls are so bright and beautiful! Each one of them is very unique and pops against some of the other Blythe customs out there; without being over the top! I love her reroots and faceups. Someday! *sigh*

4. Moofala/Kate

My photo! Mwuahahaha!

I am happy to say that I own a custom by her! I bought my little ADG Kylee second hand and in redone but scalpless condition. The faceup on this girl is so natural and beautiful, you wouldn't even know she was a doll. She has the most subtle lips and freckles...and Moofala does a wonderful job on each of her girls.

5. Happibug

Photo Belongs to Happibug!

Her girls are famous and gorgeous. The girl in the photo is a charity auction for Japan. She is generously giving 100% of the proceeds to the Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Q&A a Day

For Christmas this year I got a Q&A a Day journal. It's a five year journal with a question or prompt for every day of the year.

The other day the question was: What do you want to buy?

Oh dear...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dream Girl Come True: Fawn

I never thought when I got into the Blythe hobby that I would want an expensive doll. I was happy with Cassie, who was modestly priced in comparison.

But then, the doll lusting. Oh my, the doll lusting!

I never took to BLs or Kenners at first, but slowly they have grown on me, and I found myself obsessing over blondes. Haha! Of the Kenners, the only one I have any interest in is the blonde. They are so beautiful and delicate looking. Additionally, when I warmed to BLs, it was not a Kozy or a Goldie that caught my attention, but beautiful, blonde Mondrian!

For awhile I toyed with getting a cheaper blonde and making her more lovable. I looked and compared a lot of the RBLs, but couldn't find any that would do. I figured Mondie was never going to happen, but I kept a watchful eye out for dollie deals.

When I saw a BK member list two of her four BLs for sale, I jumped. I have never been that impulsive (or rarely, I suppose) but I sent her a message, asking if she would be selling her Mondie, and if so, how much?

I figured she would be way out of my price range. Almost any doll is (out of my price range) these days, but I had some sewing money coming to me. I planned to be responsible and divide the money between bills and dolls...but the price tag on Ms. Mondie came back and was a little too do-able. When hubby didn't freak out at the idea, I brought my Mondrian home!!!

Meet my beautiful Fawn, formerly SewBerryCute's Flo:

I have almost wanted to feel bad or guilty for spending so much money on a doll...but I am so, so happy with this girl that I simply can't. I figure, the money made was from sewing/crafting, which is how I typically raise dollie funds, and even though it was a lot at once, it's almost like it never existed. The check I received went immediately to pay for Fawn, so it didn't linger. It wasn't money that I earned at work, or even from babysitting or was from a sewing project that hubby didn't even want me to take on this year. I know we could have used the money for a lot of different things, but we always could. We could've used the money he got (and he wanted to) for something other than new motorcycle suspension, but I didn't want him to! We need to spoil ourselves and achieve our goals and dreams (however materialistic they may be!) It's no fun to just work and work, and want, but never have.

Everytime I look at little Ms. Fawn it's love! She is certainly a dream doll come true. :)

Friday Five

Inspired (as always) by blogs that are much better than mine, I have decided to try a few regular columns, and see how that goes. I think the most important lesson I have learned from other blogs is that even if it's meant to post on doesn't mean I have to wait until Friday to write it! I am trying to be better about procrastination.

To start, the girls and I bring you...the Friday Five! This can be any five things in the whole wide world. This week's edition is an easy one for me: Five Blythe-related items I am dying for!

1. Re ment Flirty Pink Collection...
This set has gotten very expensive because of the cute little rainboots that are in it, but I also love the tool set! When we were assembling Cassie's kitchen I wanted pictures of her with teeny tools looking like she was helping. I settled for her holding a real-size nail. :( I also love the paint brush, because I want to show her decorating!!!

2. A Button Arcade Dress
Warning: Not my photo! I really want one of the candy or the sushi dresses. They are sooo cute!

3. Mallows! These are the cutest little things ever! I think I will do an easter basket for the girls and maybe a photo shoot with Fawn in a sweet little eastery dress. They come in other colors and aren't that expensive. They are available on etsy from DollDestash

4. A Sugarduckfairy Headband! As my friends joked, by naming Fawn Fawn, I almost HAVE to get her one. I have oggled these for a loooong time. Next dollie-funds maybe!

5. A Blythe Carrying Case! I loooove the ones made by SewPixieDesigns. They are so beautiful looking and you can choose the fabric, notions, etc. They aren't even 'expensive' for as wonderful as they look! These little cases have a face/hair shield so that your girl doesn't get all mussed up in transit. I have been needing one since cramming Cassie in my diaper bag is not our favorite way to get her out of the house. A little wristlet for her would be perfect!

I hope none of the etsy sellers mind me using their photos (eek!) I included them to show off the beautiful work that you ladies do, and to share your shops with some readers who may not know about them.

This column won't always be about things I want...promise! It's so hard recently though, because I spent a lot on Fawn (still need to post about that little cutie!) and am trying to scale back on dollie-expenditures. There are just so many wonderful things for sale in the dollie community though!