Friday, March 4, 2011

Dream Girl Come True: Fawn

I never thought when I got into the Blythe hobby that I would want an expensive doll. I was happy with Cassie, who was modestly priced in comparison.

But then, the doll lusting. Oh my, the doll lusting!

I never took to BLs or Kenners at first, but slowly they have grown on me, and I found myself obsessing over blondes. Haha! Of the Kenners, the only one I have any interest in is the blonde. They are so beautiful and delicate looking. Additionally, when I warmed to BLs, it was not a Kozy or a Goldie that caught my attention, but beautiful, blonde Mondrian!

For awhile I toyed with getting a cheaper blonde and making her more lovable. I looked and compared a lot of the RBLs, but couldn't find any that would do. I figured Mondie was never going to happen, but I kept a watchful eye out for dollie deals.

When I saw a BK member list two of her four BLs for sale, I jumped. I have never been that impulsive (or rarely, I suppose) but I sent her a message, asking if she would be selling her Mondie, and if so, how much?

I figured she would be way out of my price range. Almost any doll is (out of my price range) these days, but I had some sewing money coming to me. I planned to be responsible and divide the money between bills and dolls...but the price tag on Ms. Mondie came back and was a little too do-able. When hubby didn't freak out at the idea, I brought my Mondrian home!!!

Meet my beautiful Fawn, formerly SewBerryCute's Flo:

I have almost wanted to feel bad or guilty for spending so much money on a doll...but I am so, so happy with this girl that I simply can't. I figure, the money made was from sewing/crafting, which is how I typically raise dollie funds, and even though it was a lot at once, it's almost like it never existed. The check I received went immediately to pay for Fawn, so it didn't linger. It wasn't money that I earned at work, or even from babysitting or was from a sewing project that hubby didn't even want me to take on this year. I know we could have used the money for a lot of different things, but we always could. We could've used the money he got (and he wanted to) for something other than new motorcycle suspension, but I didn't want him to! We need to spoil ourselves and achieve our goals and dreams (however materialistic they may be!) It's no fun to just work and work, and want, but never have.

Everytime I look at little Ms. Fawn it's love! She is certainly a dream doll come true. :)

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