Friday, March 18, 2011

The Friday Five

I have already missed a week. I'm barely making this Friday's deadline. Perhaps a regular column idea wasn't the best.

Right now I am hooked on customizers and these are five that I would someday love to own a custom doll from.

1. Obvious Zebra

Photo Belongs to Zebra!

Her girls are so vibrant and beautiful, and I love the lids she does!

2. Frankie Darling

Camillaeatfiftyeggs' Photo! I want this girl!!!

Again, gorgeous lips, lid work, and just really impressive work on all the girls. I am pining for one of Frankie's girls that Camillaeatfiftyeggs is selling.

3. Melly Kay

Photo Belongs to Melly!

Melly Kay's girls are so bright and beautiful! Each one of them is very unique and pops against some of the other Blythe customs out there; without being over the top! I love her reroots and faceups. Someday! *sigh*

4. Moofala/Kate

My photo! Mwuahahaha!

I am happy to say that I own a custom by her! I bought my little ADG Kylee second hand and in redone but scalpless condition. The faceup on this girl is so natural and beautiful, you wouldn't even know she was a doll. She has the most subtle lips and freckles...and Moofala does a wonderful job on each of her girls.

5. Happibug

Photo Belongs to Happibug!

Her girls are famous and gorgeous. The girl in the photo is a charity auction for Japan. She is generously giving 100% of the proceeds to the Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund.

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