Tuesday, December 23, 2014

All I Want for Christmas...

Fancy custom dolls....no.

Fabulous stock dolls...no.

Designer duds...no.

Furnishings for my rooms...no.

Stock shoes...no. wait. maybe...

So then, wait, what DO I want for Christmas, Blythe-wise?

I want time.

Time to decorate my dollhouse for Christmas.

Time to sew for my girls.

Time to clean up the area around the dollhouse, and not feel crushed every time I look at the chaos.

Time to take photos, and really enjoy my girls.

Time for ALL of my dolls; not just Pocket and not just Blythe.

This year has been so difficult on me, time-wise. I spend so much of my week commuting to and from and working full time, and I haven't really done that in the last five or six years. I realize "everyone" does this, but it has been so miserable for me. I am constantly choosing between cleaning and spending time with my kiddo (who I now see a TON less of :( ) or playing dolls versus sleeping (guess which one always wins).

I hope that 2015 brings some positive changes for our family. We already have one big one coming; my husband got a promotion at work and begins his new position in January. That should give me some freedom to move to a new job that is closer to home and/or less hours OR completely stay at home. Staying home would be ideal if we add to our family this year. <3 p="">
As for my doll family, I will NOT be adding anyone else any time soon (aside from my lalaloopsy mini dolls...I can't say no to them!)   

Happy Holidays!

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