Monday, December 1, 2014

Noelle No-Show

Do you want a good ol' honest dolly confession? I have been STALKING TARGET intensely since the middle of November. For a doll. I watched all of the summer/Halloween stuff get cleared out, the beginnings of Christmas start to trickle in...I went EVERY DAY for weeks; sometimes to multiple Target locations...

All in hopes of finding Noelle Northpole, the new 2014 Christmas exclusive. I saw her photo pop up on the lala wiki back around early October, and have been so excited for her ever since. 

Not now. Now I am jaded, and sad. It's December 1, and the toy bins at Target are fully stocked, and there is still no sign of Noelle. 

I am starting to wonder if something happened that delayed her production or shipment, but there is no official word. The lalaloopsy facebook page announced her release and hasn't mentioned her since commenter mentioned that they thought her release was canceled...I certainly hope not. It was disappointing last Christmas that they only released two silly red and white Lalaloopsy Ponies, rather than a special new Christmas girl (or boy). 

MGM/Lalaloopsy/Target: I WANT MY TOY. WAH!


  1. I'll check my Target here in NM and report back, wish me luck!

    1. They are starting to pop up on ebay, which gives me hope!