Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Michelle at Blythelife.com recently put up a great post concerning doll-related resolutions. I had more to think about than I felt was appropriate for her comment box, so I decided to put up my own post!

The Blythe hobby is so multi-faceted, that I had trouble narrowing down my resolutions. There are photos, clothing (go Michelle for shooting for two pieces a month!) the doll house, the blog, the craft room, my etsy shop, and of course, more dollies, sundries, and the money involved...

So, here goes:

1. To take more photos and more creative photos of my girls (I got lazy when I stopped doing 365. I've joined some new flickr groups for this year)

2. Organize the bejeezus out of my dollie room. It is unusable at current...So far this year has brought me a cleaning and organizing vibe. I have been keeping up on cleaning and catching up on organizing, and hopefully it will continue and move on to the doll room. :)

3. Finish Hana's reroot, seal her, and have a "new" dollie! She has been in pieces for so long. If I can get that far, I would love to start a mohair reroot for Kylee. As you can see in the photo, she needs new hair...badly...

Overall (but definitely dollie related) I am trying to save more and spend less. Hoping that 2012 brings some all around balance to my life.

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