Friday, April 6, 2012

How Gillian 'Found' Me

After Elsa came to live here I calmed down a bit with my Kozy search. One popped up on BK, and she was in excellent shape, but she didn't really appeal to me, I couldn't justify it, etc.

Then I took in an epic amount of greek letter orders for this semester's initiation. I began thinking about hoarding the money for Blythe con...or maybe stowing it in case the perfect Kozy appeared.

The same day that thought dawned on me, I had a flickr message regarding the most beautiful Kozy. I had inquired about her ages ago, but she wasn't for sale at that point. Her owner recently decided to part with her, and gave me first dibs! I sent the money and four agonizing days later I went to the post office to pick up Gillian.

She is named after my favorite firey red-head who I fell in love with on The X Files, Gillian Anderson. I think she might be a t-shirt and jeans and boots wearin' kind of girl.

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