Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lately I have been trying to take more creative shots of my girls, and some of the 'best' of these have involved our only room setting: The kitchen!

To start, my shot of Cassie the baker. :) I was having a VERY stressful Christmas Eve, and I finally looked at my to do list and said "FORGET IT!" At about eleven pm I started making Cassie's apron and cutting sheet metal to make little cookie sheets. The end product:

Here is a close-up of the little corner of baking supplies that is behind Cassie in the photo:

My Re ment collection has come in handy, but I can see why fellow Blythe fans collect so much of it; I was lacking for things I *know* exist. One good use of my mugs was after a snowy adventure that sort of...evolved. I love when that happens! I took the girls out in the snow to 'play' and take some pics, and when I brought them in they were all wet. I changed all of their outfits and placed them in the kitchen to warm up with some coffee. :)

Last was my little idea of Cassie doing her own '365' with her Lalaloopsy doll. I had always meant to explore Cassie's personality as a photographer, since she came with a camera as part of her stock. This is one of the first times I've actually done that.

These photos made me realize how much I enjoy the well done photos, as opposed to the last minute, "oh shoot, I need something for 365! *Snap*" I am also REALLY looking forward to putting together new rooms for Cassie and her friends. It's funny, I wondered when I started making the kitchen if it would be Cassie's or if they all lived together, or what the 'situation' was. It is most definitely Cassie's and no one else's.

The next room should be the living room with a small laundry room to the right of it. I am looking forward to 'laundry' photos and decorating, as well as having my husband help me make mini IKEA furniture pieces. My dollies wouldn't have anything else, now would they?! :)

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