Saturday, August 20, 2011

Big & Small; Two-fer-One

It's like buy one, get one free. I missed last Sunday, so this week features two Big & Small moments.

The first is brought to you by my newest Re-ment piece, the garden hose! I have been obsessed with finding/getting this set for the LONGEST time, and I finally got it on the bay. It came with the cute little bucket, soap, and sponge (and hubby joked that the girls have nothing to wash 'cept a few bikes. We'll fix that!) The seller sent me a kind note and a beautiful little origami crane!

Sticking with the outdoors theme, the other Big & Small isn't Re-ment! Oh my! It's a pair of my sunglasses, paired with (pun intended!) a small pair for the girls! I bought them on the bay, and they were actually one of my earliest purchases for Cassie. Here's an old-school pic of her donning them:

See you all next week, when my post with be (ahem) on time for a change!

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