Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reflections on 365 Days of Cassie Part 2

I had to break this into two posts, because I wanted to write a lot, and also show a lot of my 365 photos. I'm very proud of many of the pictures that I took of Cassie. I feel that for as many as were last minute, and not at all creative, so many others were well done and creative. To pick up where I left off, it was just after Christmas...

My best friend Jeannette got a Blythe doll for Christmas! She named her Simply Mango, Melinda. I was so happy that one of my 'real life' friends had the Blythe bug too!

The creativity that sometimes flows through me inspired this photo; Cassie's own dollie-photo adventure. I feel like Cassie probably wouldn't play with dolls! Haha.

365 certainly makes you want to continually have new things. Photographing your doll in the same clothes and with the same props gets pretty boring, pretty fast. I was happy to finally pick up some Lucky Blythe mags from ConfettiLexi. I felt like about this point Cassie came into her own 'style' as well.

Meet Oceanna! The second 'real life' friend to get a Blythe doll...Kristi! I was really surprised that she wanted a doll at all, and more so when she decided she had to have a blue-haired Can Can Cat! It has been really fun sharing my doll hobby with friends that I thought would only admire from afar!

One thing I finally did was to make Cassie an IKEA uniform out of one of my old shirts. I did this for a Physical Challenge, and I had a ton of fun using this shirt as a prop for other photos:

I got more and more into Re-ment and collecting it, using it for props (like the iron above!) I also participated in several personal swaps and the Blythe Swap group on BK. These awesome hairbows are from DollyBird.

Some of my photos got very boring. Others took a lot of time and a lot of shots to capture.

This one for "May the fourth be with you" Haha.

I actually spent a lot of time creating things to 'celebrate' Cassie's birthday, which is May 15.

In June we organized and went to our first Blythe Meet!!! It was at Longwood Gardens and several girls (flesh and Blythe) came out! It was so exciting to meet a Kenner. I of course couldn't decide between my girls and just brought them all! By this point there were six!

As I neared the end of my time with 365, I tried to take Cassie out more and do more exciting photos of her. I took her to work with me for the early morning kitchen planning session one weekend:

Cass had a spa day:

And finally, it was down to our last photo. I poised Cassie, my 365 Queen, with her celebratory spirits, a crown of congratulations, and her camera 'hung up' for the year (NOT!)

The 365 challenge was difficult. There were days where I had a great photo op, days where the LAST thing I wanted to do was take a pic, weeks where I fell behind, weeks where I had too many photos to choose from, and times when I was flat out disappointed with how my photos looked (snapped in haste in the crappy dining room light...ugh) I think that for the good photos that came of this project, it was worth it. I like that I can say, I made it, difficult or no, for 365 days of photo taking. I didn't think that I would (make it). I'm a little sad that it is over, and while I contemplated doing a new 365 set, I don't know if it will be the same. Cassie is especially special because she is my first girl, and the one who came everywhere with me. It's weird to look at the girls and actually choose one to accompany me, because now it doesn't *have* to be Cassie. I think she is a bit sad too, to see it go. Maybe she and I will do another photo project sometime. For now, I am trying to balance the love between my six girls, and figure out if my little family could stand an addition or two ;)

If you get the chance, try out the 365 challenge on flickr. It is a worthwhile project.

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