Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blythecon Texas!

I was thinking about putting up a post about Blythecon, Texas. I will try to keep it short, and pertinent!

Elsa and Cassie were the two lucky Blythes that got to come with me. It killed me a little to leave Fawn at home, but I just didn't want to manage more than three. My best friend, J_and_Melinda and I flew out of Philly International on Saturday morning and arrived in Dallas. I didn't do so well on the plane, but thankfully recouped quickly so that we could eat lunch and head to the pool!

Here is Elsa with Pudding!

We were so lucky to meet a lot of Blythecon goers at the Water-park meet up, including Kimberly and Juliet. I also finally met Jennifer and Pudding! They all encouraged us to come out to the dinner that night, even though we hadn't made reservations. It turned out to be the same place we'd had lunch, and it was plenty large enough for all of us!

And Cassie with Gertie and Elouise!

After the dinner there was a secondhand sundries sale that was awesome! It also got us so geared up for the next day. I bought a Megipupu wrap dress, some tights, shirts, and a cowgirl hat. I sat down to change my girls when I heard someone say, "Should I take out my stuff? I only brought some shoes." Something went off in my head and I immediately asked, "What kind?!" "Converse." I yelped and demanded that she give them to me. Haha. I scored the Black Samedi Marche cons AND the My Little Candy cons! HAPPY! J was pleased with a Very Vicky stock dress and some other lovelies. :)

Here are Elsa and Cassie in their Western attire!

We got up at five am to register, to make sure that we got in to the main event pretty early. J and I were numbers 20 and 21. It turned out that they were doing tickets for BC Helmets and for Eurotrash. We both picked BC, and I was so excited that I wouldn't have to race for my helmet!

Elsa to to meet Plum! (she's also wearing our new BC helmet!)

I got to meet a lot of fantastic people, like Mandy, Mab, and Lauren. It was so amazing to meet their girls too! I love Pinkachu and Plum, and Pinky. :) I bought a Fawn cameo for Fawn, some note cards, an absolutely gorgeous Mab cameo for myself, some dresses, and a SewPixie case. I decided very last minute that it would be a great idea to buy $25.00 worth of raffle tickets to suppliment the one from the goody-bag. I was determined that I would not win so much as a dress; let alone the coveted sundries or a doll.

I met a Parco and decided that yes, I need one. Not just want. Need. I love my BL girls so much. :)

J won a stock Simply Guava! Shortly after, my fifth ticket, 916281, was called for the most beautiful collaborative custom girl! I screamed, "IT'S ME!" and went up, bright red and already flustered. I felt very confused and dazed, took my girl, and went back to my table. Holding her out for everyone to see, I was shaking like mad! Her hair was teal and so, SO soft...she was dressed beautifully and her makeup was so natural and gorgeous. I must have dreamed it...

My custom girl, Calliope (left) with Ms. Bluebell (Gbaby custom)

We broke for the Rosie Roundup photos, and I posed Elsa and took pics. There was a dinner break and then more raffle drawings, and then it was done...

J and I had a great time at Blythecon Texas and cannot WAIT for NY!

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