Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Joining 'da Wubba Wednesdays!

I have seen lots of "Happy Wubba Wednesday" pictures, "BA Friday" and even some "Moshi Mondays" but I was never really sure of the specifics. Were these just things people did, or did only certain people in certain groups do this?!

After watching from the safety of my dining room, I finally decided, heck, I have some wubba chickens, I'm down!

I love playing with that downward "WTF" glare that the BL girls are all blessed with, and since Gillian was my September challenge girl, I started off with this cooky little photo. Gilly and Fawn are eating their breakfast on a Wednesday. ;)

I really liked how the newness of wubba-wednesday sparked my creativity. And then it happened: Talk like a Pirate Day COINCIDED with WW!

Though I'm not militant about it each week, I have gotten almost every Wednesday. Occassionally I do BA Fridays (when I remember!) and MM Mondays (we LOVE Hilary's stuff!) Mostly I like that this has given me one more reason to take a photo, one more creative idea a week, and one more way to enjoy my dollies.

Happy Wubba Wednesday!

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