Saturday, July 2, 2016

Fast Forward a Year and change...

My last post on here was in February of 2015 and was about lalaloopsy mini dolls. A LOT has happened since then so here is the abbreviated version! (I may go into a few more detailed posts/recaps later)

  • I hosted a Valentine Blythe meet
  • I mentioned "adding on to our family" and indeed...we found out we were expecting a baby in November!
  • I left the job that I hated to be a stay at home mom!
  • We went to Erie, Cedar Point, and camped and hiked at Letchworth State Park.
  • I surprised my hubby with floor tickets to see Rush's 40th tour!
  • We found out that baby #2 would be a GIRL!
  • I started working temporarily at JoAnn Fabric to help them remodel.
  • I got to work a seasonal position with IKEA. All the feels of being back, but not...
  • Went to a "We can't go to Vancouver" meet at Maggie's. My best friend was due with her daughter any day, so we decided awhile back that we would not attend.
  • Went to the PA Renaissance faire a whole lot :)
  • Carole hosted her fabulous Wildwood Blythe at the Beach meet and I finally met La Rose and hung out with some awesome local doll peeps.
  • Went to see Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour with one of my best friends (and Darcy!)
  • Lena, my very first middie arrived. What have I done?! Haha.
  • Went to Blythecon Chicago EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT. My bestie Jeannette brought her four month old. We are so cool.
  • I bought a Melly Kay custom Lydia Green (middie obsession starts NOW)
  • Hosted a boss Star Wars party for my daughter who turned FIVE. (how is that possible)
  • Made a dia de los muertos custom from a fake doll bestie sent me!
  • I bought a Cherish Me Always middie on my birthday. Happy birthday to me. Haha.

  • Hosted a Day of the Dead meet on the first. I told everyone if I canceled it was because I had the baby. I did not have the baby. Haha.
  • November 21 (ahem, looooong overdue, or at least it felt that way!) Emma was born via emergency C-section.

Darcy and Emma (their heads are almost the same size...)

  • Ruth hosted a really fun Christmas meet. La Rose made little felted hats and we decorated them and there was a white elephant.
  • I got a custom Cool Pool Lemonade for Christmas  AND the Sindy Greenhouse!
  • Hubby got me a DSLR!
  • The dark times. I finished my 365 and stopped taking photos and playing with my girls
  • Started a second 365 of Darcy. Stella got her groooooove back!
  • Went to a Mab Graves show at Arch Enemy Gallery in Philly w/Carole
  • Hubby gave me a macro lens for our anniversary (!)
  • Chuck hosted an amazing Yarnhead themed meet that I am going to post more about for sure :)
So that is my life more or less. Emma is seven months old now and I am full time at home. I am planning on home schooling my older daughter and have already started teaching her to read. Life is crazy wonderful. I hope to update more on here soon!

Thank you, Becca, for reminding me that I had a blog!

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