Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gimme a Head with Hair...

Long, beautiful, plug-by-plug hair.

Lots going on as of late. I went on a buying spree and ordered all of my custom goodies from Coolcat. I also had a Re-ment relapse. There will be photos when those goodies arrive.

Here is a Hana-chan outing. It turned into a failed kayaking endeavor, but I got to take Hana out as she was one time before the big changes coming her way.

...but the big news is that I ripped up Hana-chan. I unscrewed the back two screws and then pried and cut and pried some more, and destroyed about half of the flange, and then, FINALLY got her scalp off of her head.

The glue wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I had read ADG horror stories about glue and plugs and was planning on taking a Dremel to her head if need be...but I was able to de-hair the scalp with just a needle, scissors, and my fingers. Poor Hana-chan's dirty, poorly cut hair is no more...

I think she looks like the one toy from Sid's room in Toy Story. Haha.

First attempt at rooting hair using the crochet hook method...Failed.
Second attempt at rooting hair using the crochet hook method...also FAILED.
I was worried I would have to weft, when finally...
Third attempt: The needle method...Moderate Success
Fourth attempt: The modified needle method, now with string...Great Success!

Houston, we have thatching. Here is the progress shot...

I'm very proud.

In other news, and so Cassie-belle isn't left out, she got to go ghost hunting this week! The Blythe Physical Challenge was to find a haunted location, take a photo and make it black and white, and tell the creeeepy story. So here goes:

Charles Hunsicker was one of the earlier burials, in 1895. His grave was later robbed and his coffin discarded in the woods. Officials recovered the coffin as well as the three grave robbers, but Hunsicker's skull was never found.

All three grave robber's deaths involved dismemberment!

That's all for now. :)

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