Sunday, April 3, 2011

Up the Punkaholics

Yula is NOT the doll I intended her to be, and this has to be remedied. I am tired of seeing her left on the shelf, and I can't possibly sell her. She was a combined birthday effort from my husband and my mom. She needs a better makeover.

First, her chips. The purple side facing and the purple/green side facing are fine. The green forward are acceptable. The blue? Not her. I will never use them. I need to swap them for dark, smokey gray or a darker blue.

Her lids: They need to get painted and detailed to help further her personality and individualism. Maybe a bass as homage to the bassist she is named after. Maybe an anarchy symbol. Either way ;)

Her Lashes: We can do better than stock! Lashes don't even cost that much! I am trying to get better at doing lower lashes...when I'm there, I will seal them :)

Haircut: I might need to enlist help on this one, but she needs to be more angled and edgy to be, well, edgy! I have got to get her highlights too. That should have happened a long time ago. This was the original inspiration for Yula:

Wardrobe: She needs her own clothes. This girl cannot, and will not dress like Cassie or Fawn or Kylee. She might borrow a thing or two from Hana, but that is not her style either, per se. As I lack funds, I'm going to have to make her some new threads.

This is the improvement we have already made. I made her a skirt and messed with her hair and makeup a bit. :) I can't wait to put some more work into her face up and her wardrobe.

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