Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Five

Life got hectic and I missed a week! Eek! I am dreaming of adding a new segment to the blog and I can't even keep up with the one regular I've got! Oops...

Without further ado...five of my favorite toys for toys :)

1. Lalaloopsy

Shortly after joining the Blythe hobby, I discovered Lalaloopsy, via the "Dolls for your Dolls" thread. I was enamoured with these cute little plastic rag dolls, and decided I had to find them! I had a ton of Toys R Us rewards (which I could have spent on baby stuff...but didn't) so I bought a few, picked a fave, and redistributed the rest to the BK community. :)

2. Knitted Friends

I love Bunny Nuggets by Squirrel Junkie, Little Hoos by Jeds, and all manner of little knit friends. Maybe it's because I can't knit, but these little critters are some of my favorite toys for my toys!

3. Mini Barbies and Blythes

I saw mini Barbies for the first time in Princess Di-o-rama's photo and was so intrigued! I played with Barbies for years, and then with Kelly dolls for years later...but I'd never seen these little mini Mattels! I also love the Blythe figurines and have got to pick up a few! They are too cute :)

4. My Little Ponies

These mini ponies were always my favorites as a child, and I'm glad I hung on to them! They make such perfect little petite ponies for my Blythe girls.

5. Crazers

Besides being adorable, the crazer eraser toys are a good size for Blythe. They are fun to pick up at craft stores and other places and at $1.00 USD each, they won't hurt the pocketbook too much ;)

Hope you enjoyed this installment!

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  1. I love the mini Lalaloopsy's. I'm trying really hard not to be tempted into buying a full-sized one! I also love the mini Barbie and Blythe's but I've not come across them as yet. Great picks!