Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Five

In honor of my etsy shop and interview at I bring you my five favorite headbands!

1. Steampunk Inspired

This headband is wrapped in two tones of wire and embellished with gears to give it that 'steampunk' look.

2. Hootie Cutie

This headband is ribbon wrapped and embellished with a cute little owl button.

3. Make it So

A Star Trek inspired headband with the Next Generation emblem.

4. Pullring and String

A very-Blythey headband complete with a molded pullring!

5. Blacks and Bows

Classy looking headband with polkadots and bows.

I never wanted to make this blog all about my etsy shop, but these headbands are available for purchase if they suit your fancy!

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