Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creating a 'Look'

I have been dying to create a series of cute tops and dresses a la The Future or Button Arcade. The trick to any good line is that they are recognizable, cute, and simple enough to make (you can't spend 15 hours sewing and sell something for 15.00...and no one is going to spend 60.00 on a doll dress unless you're Eurotrash or someone uber famous within Dolly-land)

So, I dragged my feet and hemmed and hawed. I though, "I can make pants! Yeah! Pants." Well, pants are hard. I hate sewing pants. I don't want to sew pants. You put a pair of jeans on a girl, even well made jeans with working, cute lil pockets, and they are still just what she is wearing with her cute top. The focus is on the shirts.

I decided to try and sew once Elsa arrived. I have been racking up dolly bills, and let's face it; headbands don't earn me enough fast enough. My plan is to expand into sewing, offer some 'complete outfit sets' and also some painted eye chips. I need to raise and save (therein lies the trick!) some money for Blythe con. Yes, I can swing GOING to Blythe con...but I want to be able to SHOP at Blythe con!

So Elsa's dress at the top is the first of my efforts. I based it on this cute little baby top/dress I found online. It has an empire waist and a square neck. I rather like it on Elsa. I swear that girl looks good in everything (I said the same about Fawn. BL girls are so happenin') The first thing I made was a shirt, where nothing lined up properly, and then today I was more careful. Tomorrow I will try to nail down the patterns and 'refine' my efforts.

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