Saturday, February 25, 2012

Elsa is Here!

I'm feeling a sense of completion in my little Blythe family. I know I say this after every new addition, but I really feel this is it. With the addition of a Kozy, of course. I am thinking about moving one or two girls on, and welcoming my final two BLs.

The first of those two to move in arrived today while I was at beautiful Elsa made it from South Korea in record time (thank you, EMS). Since the tracking info fooled me into thinking that delivery today was impossible, I was even MORE pleasantly surprised to find Elsa waiting for me at the of a really long 'red day' at work.

I took a few rushed photos tonight, caught up on webby stuff, and I am still hoping to I hope this post and un-inspired photo are enough for now!

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