Monday, August 25, 2014

Lalaloopsy Mini Collection

Like all of my addictions collections, the Lalaloopsy mini collection started with one. I wanted one to be for Cassie, so that is how i wound up with a Crumbs Sugar Cookie.

For awhile, I will admit, I sort of forgot about her. She was in a drawer or a box with a bunch of doll clothes and accessories. I can't even remember when or why I bought more of these mini dolls...I know I bought and sold a bunch of them when I had rewards to use at TRU...I know that Marina Anchors was one of the earlier minis to join my herd...but after that, things sort of got out of hand...

If Lalaloopsy collection exceeds triple digits, seek help...

I started buying all of the Lalas that were out in stores. I started getting older ones that I missed. I started buying them as soon as they were released...driving from Target to Target, checking Toys R Us, and even Walmart for the newest minis. 

And here I am today. I have almost a hundred of these adorable minis with more on the way. There is an official treehouse and a "Dollar General" house that is being made over into a Lalaloopsy abode. I grapple weekly with the desire for the 'official' house...and I forget to take time to just take photos and enjoy my collection

I have started working on a way to display my mini (read: humongous)  collection. I have seen plenty of little lalas sitting along shelves, in shadow boxes, etc, but none of them really appeal to me. I think what draws me in to the mini Lalaloopsy-dom is their little dangly legs and bobble-y heads. They don't look like little ragdolls when they are I created a shelf that allows them to 'stand' or more or less 'hang.' 

It took me awhile to create it the way I wanted it. Each little shelf holds twelve lalaloopsies...which means I need to make about ten contain my growing collection! I will post about it soon!

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