Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lalas are Taking Over...

And then there were two.

I'm pretty sure that's how the Blythe thing started...and now there are six. I wonder how many Lalas are going to join the doll shelf until I stop? The minis have already multiplied to four and growing...

Hubby, baby and I went to Toys R Us and picked up a 'Silly Hair' Jewels Sparkle.

I'm still not exactly sure if I like her... The Lalas have really heavy heads to begin with, and Jewels' is just unruly. I love her outfit and her shoes. My reasons for wanting the hair version and not the regular version were that I didn't like the crown affixed to Jewels' head...but maybe it would be preferable?

Fawn certainly doesn't know what to make of these new, even-bigger-headed-entities.

I like the big Lalas, but I fear I don't have room for too many more. I would like to get Sir Battlescarred and Lady Stillwaiting and then maybe call it quits.

Aren't they cute?? I am super excited about the new wave of minis that includes these two and Ace Fenderbender. I like the little boys, but I like Battlescarred the best out of them. I plan to get my little Patch Treasurechest with the Lala Treehouse. If I can dig out a dollhouse I used to use for Baby Buddies, I plan to turn it into a colorful mini-lala house.

I enjoy making clothing for the big Lalas, and I think I should continue my efforts. I have a ton of fabric, and some time here and there to sew. Who knows? Maybe I'll even make some cash money to buy more dolls!

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