Sunday, September 25, 2011

Only Anarchists are Pretty...

I was finally inspired to do something with Yula's lids and finish her faceup. I also decided to FINALLY get rid of the awful light blue sparkly forward facing chips. The green are next on my list (ran out of spare chips...need more!)

Yula is a World Inferno Friendship Society themed girl. Her lids needed to reflect both her punk attitude and her heritage. I haven't gotten the new album, 'Anarchy and Ecstasy' yet, but I love the cover art. I wasn't sure about recreating it on Yula's lids, but I did a few test runs on paper, and felt pretty confident. Even though Only Anarchists are Pretty isn't on this album (it hails from Red Eyed Soul, my favorite album!) I really wanted that on her other lid. I have mixed feelings about my results, but see for yourself:

In addition to the face-work, I removed the awful blues and replaced them with purple (I know, I know. I now need to pull her side facing purples for something just goes on and on and on...) BUT! I spiffied the forward facing purples with little anarchy signs behind them! I plan to do something similar with whatever other forwards I get for her (the green gots to go!) Options are: A wine glass, the inferno wine glass emblem, the little skull with 'only anarachists are pretty' which, when shrunk, fits eye-chip size PERFECTLY...or whatever.

Last but not least, I finally gave Yula her new Kitty Robot pull. If you remember (or even read my blog) I won two free pulls from a giveaway on! The pulls are really cool, and I like how well it fits Yula's 'theme.'

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