Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wanting Someone P!nk!

Lately I have been loving the pink haired beauties that I see on flickr and elsewhere.

Today alone Mab Graves posted this gorgeous shot of her pink haired girls:

I love her artwork and intend to get a piece fairly soon...Have to find the right one! If you haven't checked her out on etsy or fb, you should.

Next, I discovered a new blog. I think I may have seen bits and bobs of it before...but I was totally enthralled with the kawaii and of course, the pink.

Her doll Pinkachu is toooooo cute!

The last NIB Blythe that I wanted was Prima Dolly London. All of my girls are natural hair colors (black, brown, red, honey, blonde) but for some reason I fell for London's bright pink. I love the way she looks in photos. I'm wondering if passing on her for another brown haired girl was a mistake...

Anyways, I happened to find HappilyCandid due to searching Lalaloopsy stuff...and I absolutely love her custom lala, Pocky. Check out her Kawaii Blog.

The reason, by the way, that I was looking for Lalaloopsy info was not to oggle them as usual, but because (drum roll....) I bought a big Marina Anchors today! She is too cute, and I love that she is practically Riley-proof.

I love Marina, but my next big Lala will definitely be a pink haired girl. I can't decide between Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Tippy (whose pink is almost red) and Jewels Sparkles. I love the 'crazy hair' versions of crumbs and jewels. It will probably be one of them for my birthday...

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  1. Marina Anchors is so cute! I would love a big Lalaloopsy but have so far resisted for fear I wouldn't be able to stop!