Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Making Christmas!

The Christmas spirit has been slow to hit the household...including the Blythe household.

Before we put up our tree (which entails moving the table, my prime sewing spot) I decided to give Christmas dresses a go. The fabric was not cooperative, and the end product was pretty hideous. I was determined to come out of this sewing funk with at least one piece of usable I tried whipping up a tree skirt. My first attempt was a go...for size and the finish of it. I was surprised I didn't even miss the underside of the double fold bias tape!

I was inspired to photograph Cassie as if she were sewing for Christmas, so I dressed her up, grabbed some minis and my light, and created this little set up.

The best part? It fit the tree perfectly, and while I was sewing it, hubby cut down the base of the tree so it can fit in the girls NEW LIVINGROOM! That's right, he finally helped me assemble it the other day. I painted one evening, and now we just need furniture!

Here's hoping that a few more Christmas projects, sewing projects, and dolly projects happen around this season. I would love to bring a few more blog posts to the table as well. Happy holidays!

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